Gisele Mogan

Gisele came to the United States from Canada in 2010 with her husband to explore new opportunities. Previously, Gisele was a French teacher and continues to infuse her passion for yoga with her love of teaching. She is a certified yoga teacher through the 200 hour training at Yoga Works in New York City. After discovering the benefits of Restorative Yoga, Gisele was inspired to delve more deeply with trainings for this soothing and nurturing practice which promotes healing on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She has completed intensive Restorative Yoga trainings in Toronto and New York City. She created her very own Restore-With-Yoga trainings (modules 1 and 2) and now travels to share her passion for this transformational healing practice.  Gisele is also a certified Reiki Master and IET practitioner as it is through her energetic and intuitive approach that she guides her students with healthy breathing, proper body alignment and balancing energy flow. Her compassion, creativity, sensitivity and deep commitment to this healing practice has created her personal mantra "Give Yourself Permission to do Less Instead of More". Gisele sees her daily meditation and self-care practice as an integral part of her life, and this has sparked her passion for traveling internationally to offer retreats and share this gift of healing with others.


Gisele is a master. She creates a space that is warm, inviting, nurturing and transformative. With an open heart and mind, she shapes new possibilities for all who enter her world. Her smile, her wisdom and her beautiful way of leading gets you in touch with something deep inside yourself that you did not realize was there before – helping you find an inner peace, an inner harmony, and an inner awareness. Her voice leads you into movements that are relaxing yet expanding, restoring yet energizing, getting you in touch with an inner wisdom that opens new doors of enlightenment.
— Patrick Yardley, PA
From the moment you enter the sanctuary that Gisele has created for the restorative yoga session you feel as if you have come home to a place of peace and calm and are ready to deepen this sense of restoring with her guidance. Gisele brings a fully open heart in combination with her expert knowledge of restorative yoga poses, philosophy and alignment to each class and workshop that she teaches. She is a gift to us all with her soft voice, gentle hands and creative sequencing of this gentle and nurturing limb of yoga. We all leave her classes and workshops refreshed, restored and with a pearl of wisdom or two from the meditative quotes that she shares.
— Donna Yardley, PA